THE GREY proposes a new direction for men’s skincare. Marked by its clean, fresh, contemporary brand design, THE GREY men’s skincare range is packed with natural, rejuvenating ingredients to help detoxify your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and radiant. Developed exclusively for men, our skincare products works to preserve, protect and nourish – resulting in better-looking and healthier skin. At THE GREY, we believe looking after your skin should be straightforward and convenient. Whether you want to clean or hydrate, fight signs of ageing or tone your skin, THE GREY men’s skincare range can help. As part of your daily skincare routine, our products will give you the results you want. We use superior concentrations of active ingredients to produce fine, light fluids that won’t cling to your facial hair and are easily absorbed by your skin, making them perfect for the active man. 

THE GREY men’s skincare range is compact and convenient. Our skincare routine consists of five products, offering complete care for your skin. Our day, night and eye care products are combined into one, meaning you can travel light without compromising on your skincare routine.The skincare range is enhanced and supported by THE GREY daily vitamin intake system. Alongside our skincare products, we have developed a special vitamin formula tailored for active men: 30 sachets of special vitamins and minerals that contain anti-ageing, anti-stress, detoxifying and general wellness ingredients that compliment our skincare products and help you fight the signs of an active and stressful life.


As a professional menswear and lifestyle buyer, Gregor regularly travelled the globe searching for the finest collections available. This type of lifestyle meant Gregor learned how to travel light. However, despite extensive research, Gregor couldn’t find a compact men’s skincare range that fitted his situation and his suitcase and this got him thinking. Grey – as Gregor is known to his friends – wanted a skincare system that had the same luxurious feel and effectiveness of women’s skincare, coupled with the ease and convenience of a simple men’s skincare regime. The idea of THE GREY was born…

THE GREY is a complete and compact skincare range that meets the standards of the modern man. Working in collaboration with some of the best laboratories in Europe, THE GREY has developed an amazing skincare collection tailored specifically to the typical needs of a man’s skin.