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Our The Grey friends, family and ambassadors has grown into an amazingly interesting group of men based all over the world. And what better city guides than local heroes with exquisite taste for food, fashion, and culture to guide you through our world metropolises? Enjoy the inside information of our community.

" This time Nathen shares his inside information in Rotterdam, the city he calls home. 


- Fashion designer and e-com manager - 

"Fashion as always been my biggest passion. I find beauty in art, music, photography and nature. I’m very much of a summer boy and you would always find me next to the beach"

Why do you love your city? 

I love Tel Aviv because it has a special energy. Everywhere u go, there is always something special to do and see. It Has a gorgeous beach strip and the best restaurants. What also makes it so special is the diversity of people.  

Describe your ideal Saturday in Tel Aviv

Here is the corrected version of your text with improved grammar: "My ideal Saturday would begin with breakfast at Beit Hanna. More than just your local breakfast spot, Beit Hanna is a body and mind center situated in a beautiful building on Ben Gurion Boulevard. The place offers outdoor movie screenings, lectures, art exhibitions, a café, and fitness, yoga, and meditation classes. After a good workout at 100% power, I'd head off to Trumpeldor Beach, just south of Bograshov Beach. You'll know you've arrived when you see a distinctive statue that resembles a monkey perched on top of some kind of pod (you decide!). I love this beach for its quiet and uncrowded atmosphere. Later in the day, 

I love to spend my Saturday at Herzl 16, a café-bar that hosts live performances, music festivals, DJs, and simply good times! The outdoor patio is adorned with beautiful plants hanging from above, creating a great atmosphere. The good vibes at Herzl 16 are accompanied by tasty food and drinks. Alternatively, I may end up at my other favorite place, Teder. Originally born as an underground radio station, Teder has firmly established itself in the young and hip scene in Tel Aviv. Open every night of the week, Teder is one of the top venues for events in the city, hosting cozy concerts or DJ sets almost nightly, along with Eyal Shani's legendary pizzas."

What is your favorite neighbourhood?

 My favorite neighborhood would be the central part of the city which is known by the little streets with Bauhaus architecture such as Yavne, Melchet and Montifiorie

Were to stay?

My favorite hotel The Norman Hotel set on prominent King Albert Square, it houses an  An impressive modern art collection, a gorgeous rooftop with panoramic city views and an infinity pool, Their leafy garden is ideal for an al fresco lunch before heading out into the city. and ofcourse the Soho house. located i in Jefeth street in a unique steeple building that was built between 1883 to 1917 and was used as a monastery to the sisters of Saint Joseph. it is members only butt hose who are must see.


Were to get the best coffee

Cafelix café Tel Aviv's first innercity roastery, this lovely café just a few blocks from bustling Levinsky market is a great place to recharge

Were to eat and drink 

amongst my favorites Bar 51,here you can enjoy a glass of wine from an extensive wine bar menu alongside small plates by acclaimed chef Moshiko Gamlieli. In typical too-cool-for-school Tel Aviv style, it’s effortlessly on trend, with bells and whistles swerved in exchange for rough-luxe concrete, hanging plants and a simple long bar punctuated by tall bistro stools slinking the length of the space.

R48 Nestled in a 1930 preserved Bauhaus building with a extended a glass façade is booked out months in advance so be sure to make reservations in time but the pint-sized Middle Eastern-meets-Mediterranean-meets-Far East flavours are worth it 

 Teder, , Basta, Beit Hanna, Manta ray

Shops we can't miss

 ATA wear for clothing, Edition for home décor, Yolleta for cool stationary


Places of interest

Neve Tzedek is the oldest neighborhood in Tel Aviv and has a special energy- everything so nice and authentic. Levinsky market holds the best food and spices. Shenkin street is cool for a coffee and shopping and my favorite spot in town would be Yaacov garden (super nice and peaceful).


Your favorite local hotspot 

10. Yaacov garden

The Rotterdam List 

Below you will find all the addresses Gregor recommends. just click on the link and you will be redirected to their instagram page 

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